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Bell Temple in the Sea Part 2

(Continued from Part 1)


Up on the top floor inside the pagoda is a Buddha surrounded by colourful paintings telling the story of his life. Outside other views show slices of the temple roof next door amid glimpses of the sea. There's a great view from up here, of the whole temple complex.


The whole theme of this temple is bells, and the bell shaped pagoda on the top of the temple really reminds you of that. Around its base are smaller Buddha statues, donated by people and around the outside of this level, stand bell-shaped burial chambers with the bones of important local people inside each one.


There's more than temples here, they have a scene from classic Thai stories here too. Set into the sea so that scene rises out of the water. With the tide out it's revealed in its fully glory below. Don't pray to this, it would be silly, like praying to a Shakespeare statue of Macbeth.
It's the story of Phra Aphai Mani, who plays magic pipes that put people to sleep. The pipes attract a sea demon, the large topless woman, who turns herself into a beauty to marry him, and they all live happily ever after. Not really, this is Thailand so there's always another woman involved, a mermaid in this story rescues him from this demon. Typical male storyline, the wife is a demon who made herself pretty to fool him and he cheats on her with a pretty mermaid and somehow is still the hero of the story!


If you want to add a bell to the pier, you can do so on Saturdays and Sundays. The bell costs 199 baht but also make a donation to the temple when you do it. See if you can find my bell, it has my name on it so it should be easy to find.

They're also building a new Chinese burial chamber, a large skyscraper like structure into which the bones of dead relatives can be placed in order to give their descendants a good life. You can buy a tile for this temple while they're building it. Painted in gold on one side, you write your dedication on the underside, the cost is 160 baht.


Getting There
The map below shows you the location, I took a bus along Bangna Trat express way. The buses here all head towards Chonburi, by catching a local stopping bus, rather than one of the coaches I could get off where I wanted, it cost 25 baht. I got on at the junction of Sukhumvit road, and got off at the junction of Sukhumvit road! The two roads loop around each and join up near the Bang Pakong river outlet.
There's a bit of walking to get under the overpass and over the underpass, but once you've done that it's another bus journey down Sukhumvit road. I had to wait half an hour for the blue bus, the small baht buses turn off to the market, only the larger buses go down the road (the cost is 17 baht). You want a bus heading south/west towards the sun, rather than away from it and get off when you see the dragon statue on your left, shown below.


This street runs down to the temple, getting down there is fun in itself. Look for the bike and sidecar and ask to go to 'Wat Hong Thong' or just the Wat, pronounced 'what' which is the Thai word for temple.


He cost 40 baht, but it isn't so far, you could walk if you have a parasol to keep off the sun. I told him I would be one hour (nung-churr-mong in Thai), and he came back and collected me.

If all this sounds too difficult, you could always hire an English speaking taxi in Bangkok and he'll get you there.

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