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Chalong Pier, The Journey Is the Reward


Most people don't visit the pier unless they're going somewhere, perhaps to an island, perhaps for a cruise. Well I decided I'd explore the pier itself, inspired by Aydin Büyüktas photography, I decide to try my hand at making my own Chalong-Inception photographs.

Using a drone I have a number of problems to overcome. I cannot fly over the pier itself, all photographs have to be slightly skewed to the side. I cannot fly high, so I have to tile multiple photographs.... this pier is very very long, you really can't get it all in one photo, except from a great height.


Problems aside, I'm quite pleased with my first attempt. It's not as good as Aydin's, but its not bad either!

When you go on your journey to a coral island, dinner cruise, or for a day trip, take a few moments to look around the pier, see all the boats and restaurants. This is a nice place just to hang out.

Chalong Pier is in Chalong Bay on the East of the island, you can see it below from Big Buddha.

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