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Chonburi Fish Market


I opened Google maps and viewed Chonburi in the satellite image. There's a road that runs across the sea that's just screaming out to be explored! So I drove down to Chonburi and headed out across the bridge to this ocean going road.


This is a bit disappointing at first, the problem is you can see Chonburi to the land-side and so you don't get the impression that this road runs across the sea! Thankfully I did find something that made the whole trip worthwhile, a fish market.


I'm visiting during the Chonburi Buffalo racing week, this is a festival culminating with buffalo races, held in October or November each year. The fish market is open every Saturday and sells a wide range of fish crab shrimps shellfish, fresh caught, or cooked and ready to eat.


With the Buffalo festival, it also gets a live music show in the evening. Mmm, fish supper and live music, what better way to spend an evening?


It's quite a fun thing, but the fish restaurant I covered was a better choice for food to eat and not that far from here.

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