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Coconut Island, more than pizza


I visited Coconut Island (Ko Maprao) last week, to try out the highly recommended pizza at The Island Resort. But there's more to this island than the resort.

This time, my plan was to catch a boat from Laem Hin pier, the pier just opposite Maprao Island and explore the island on foot. I read it was twenty baht to catch the boat to the island, but that is for the locals. Since I will be visiting the Seafood Restaurant Rafts, I can use the boats for free.

Well, not exactly free, the boat gets a good commission from the restaurant, which is why they're so keen to get you into their boat!

Still this is Phuket, how expensive can a seafood restaurant be here! I will find out later, for now I head off across Coconut Island and walk around to see what they have. The Island has electricity, which is a surprise because 'The Island Resort' does not! It has a large noisy generator near the main office.


It seems when the resort wanted an electricity hookup, the local electricity board wanted some insane amount of money and the owner said no. So while the local villagers have electricity, the main resort, the main source of income into the island, has to generate its own electricity!


As I explore around, I find there are other resorts springing up on the island and a hotel on the Phuket side too Jindarin Resort. It has some really nice rooms, but how can you call it a Beach Resort if there's no beach! They've laid down sand next to the pool so you can at least get sand in your shoes.


It doesn't seem fair, this resort is far smaller than The Village, yet it has electricity! The rooms here are priced from 4000 baht a night upwards. I chat to the manager, he says we can sleep 6 in on villa and negotiate a rate if we want to stay as a group.


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