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Don Hoi Lod, Mudflat Fishing for Clams


As you head South West from Bangkok, there's a turnoff to a bay on the gulf of Thailand. It's shallow, and muddy and perfect for clams. Don Hoi Lot literally means mound of straw-seafood, or as you know them, razor clams.


It's a full tourist thing, complete with seafood restaurants, picnic areas, seafood markets and resorts to stay at. The idea is you arrive as the tide is going out, with this bay being so flat, the tide is very fast here, half an hour sees the bay go from mud to sea. With miles of mud flats, you could not outrun this tide, let alone crawl through mud as it comes in.


So the locals provide boats to ferry you along the remaining streams out to the further reaches of the mudflats. They also hang around any stray tourists that stay out to long. At 10 baht a trip, this is the world cheapest life savers, but you'd only know their true value if they weren't there!


I am told the salt is a magnesium salt, but table salt can be used. You press against the mud with sharp taps of your fingers. Watch closely where water gushes out of tiny figure 8 holes, jab in a salt covered stick, the razor clams hate the salt and jump out, you dig them out and put them in your bucket.

It sounds so simple but yet there are so many holes, snail, crabs, other clams, all of them look the same!

After watching an expert I managed to get one. That was my complete catch for the day, before I escaped to eat at one of the seaside restaurants, and watch the tide come in.

Meanwhile the experts filled their buckets and came back early, with too many to carry, they sell their catch to the restaurants, who sell it to me at a huge markup.

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