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Hindad Hot Spring, Kanchanaburi


I like hot springs. Hot springs feature a lot in this blog. There's something about naturally heated water that's magical.

Well not so much with this hot spring. The last time I was here, the place was packed with Russian tourists and the water quality suffered from all the visitors. It was nowhere near as clear and refreshing as the Crystal Canal, and lacked the fish of Pornrung hot spring. But its one of only two hot springs in Kanchanaburi that I know of, so it will have to do!


This time, it really wasn't that busy, there were only a few tourists in, and that made it reasonably pleasant. Hindad has two parts to it, the hot spring baths, and next door, a cold river. You can see the water comparison below, on the left is the river, on the right the hot spring. As you'd expect the hot spring grows more algae since the water renews slower.


A good thing about Hindad is there are plenty of places to eat just outside, so once you've done your bathing, you can shower in the changing rooms, and eat ready for your next adventure. There's even an ATM (Cash machine) at the entrance if you need to withdraw some cash. All very convenient!

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