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Mimosa & Fish by the Sea Pattaya


I don't visit Pattaya much, it's a touristy city in the east, filled with burger bars and some of the worst pizza in Thailand. It does however have some nice tourist attractions to visit. Yes they're more cheesy than the pizzas, but that's part of their charm! So I decided to visit Mimosa, billed as a French themed town.

I've seen Mimosa promoted on television, a recreation of a traditional French village in the middle of bustling Pattaya. I've been to France, I visited Angers, a real stunning old town with a castle, and with one of the worlds best theme parks nearby, one you've probably never heard of Puy Du Fou.


Perhaps it's the visit to Puy Du Fou that made Mimosa a disappointment, its smaller than it looks on TV, and its confused. Centered around a Katoey cabaret show, with only few French themed shops. I think they've never been to France, but did see the movie Moulin Rouge!

Nevertheless, it was cheap enough, at 150 baht, and good enough to waste a few hours visiting.


What it is? A lady-boy cabaret show with 150 baht entrance fee, surrounded by small shops, with an aquarium and some colorful parrots to see. The entrance fee includes a visit to the aquarium.
What it is not? A French themed village, sure it has some buildings that sort of look wattle-and-daub from a distance, but that's as far it goes. It's also in Jomtien not Pattaya, so its a bit further south than its billing suggests.


As long as your expectations are set correctly, you can find enough things to do here to fill an afternoon. Nearby is Nong Nooch, a very impressive garden and elephant show, there’s also a floating market and a monkey camp, so there are plenty of things to make this into a full day, and Mimosa complements them, rather than being a main destination.

I had a traditional ice-cream, enjoyed a show, saw an aquarium, and consider it worth the money.

Seaside needs a Seafood Meal

Once I've spent the day in Pattaya, naturally I need to find a decent meal in a restaurant with a sea view, low prices, and high volume of Thai customers, so that everything is fresh. I'm not difficult to please, I just want it all! Delivered perfectly, at a low price! Is that too much to ask?

Finding such a restaurant is a difficult task in a tourist resort. The seafood restaurants next to the sea charge a premium, and make neutral, sometimes bland Thai food accessible to all the foreign palates.


Chatting to a local, I was pointed in the direction of Mum Sabai, at the North end of Pattaya, this restaurant spans a large part of the coast, lots of tables, all with view of the bay. It has some of the best seafood I've tasted and was surprisingly cheap for a tourist city like Pattaya! 500 baht a head? The service was rapid too and the view over the bay in sunset added some flair.

This is the place to go to eat proper Thai seafood in its correct setting next to the beach.

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