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Nai Yang Beach - Tsunami and Texture


The middle and south side of Nai Yang beach is more about contrasts than plane-spotting. This bus-bar has seen better days, the greenery is slowing taking it over, it's already up to the wheels.

Not far from here is Crown Nai Yang Suite Hotel, a dilapidated hotel that was struck by the Tsunami. The guard tells me the water reached the first floor, but what really killed it was the electrics, all the pumps and electrics were underground. With the hotel needing investment, and the area devastated, it simply never re-opened.


The hotel could be fixed up and painted, but somehow the money isn't there and superstitions prevent it. It's so cheap in Thailand to build new things, that's it's often simpler just to rebuild next door. Across the street lots of new shops have opened.


More views inside Crown Nai Yang, all of this damage is just surface concrete damage, a quick coat of paint would fix it. But it's Tsunami history can never be whitewashed.


There's plenty of places to eat on this beach, including a whole tourist strip with seafood restaurants, but I choose this quiet beach hut. I had to write out my own order, the waitress is Burmese and can speak Thai, but can't write it!


But the food was excellent, Som Tam, chicken and sticky rice. A friendly beach dog got to chew on the left over chicken. By now the day is late, the tide is low and the whole bay is just sand. Across the bay I saw an abandoned ghost hotel, the road doesn't go there, but now that the tide is out, I can walk across the sand.


This is not a Tsunami damaged hotel, a fisherman tells me construction was abandoned 5 years ago. Perhaps the money ran out, or the land permits weren't right. This area is national park land, and several hotels have been built on land with invalid permits, perhaps this is one of those.


It's an incredibly large building to be left abandoned like this. It must be a spooky ghost hotel to visit at night. Imagine walking across a dark sandy beach, to the ghost hotel!


I walked up to this island with the trees, normally cut off by water. With the tide out, a rock causeway keeps your feet dry. Crabs making 'cracking' sounds under the rocks as I walk past. The rocks are all dead coral, thousands of pieces making up the base of the island.

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Nai Yang Beach can be found on the west side of Phuket Airport.

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