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Phra Nakhon Khiri Palace


Twos hours out of Bangkok, on Highway 4 heading south is the site of King IV's palace on the hill overlooking Phetchaburi. Phra Nakhon Khiri, as its know, has a museum that lets you see into the past, a pagoda, and a temple, all in white, all gleaming on the hillside.


Naturally a hillside means steps! But you don't need to climb them, a funicular railway leads up the hill, and the temple is a short walk of 300 metres from the palace museum.


The air at the top is refreshing if you choose to make the climb. Step out onto the courtyard, realize that you are standing on the tiles the King stood on, and admire the view.
The monkeys are pushy up here, signs warn you not to feed the monkeys but walking by them with a sweet drink was enough.


That drink is mine, the monkey grabbed it off me as I walked past. I don't think I'll fight him for it. He can attack me and his fellow monkeys won't stop him, but if I beat him with a stick my fellow humans will surely stop me! It doesn't seem fair!

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