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South of Sarasin Bridge


Sarasin Bridge is the only bridge connecting Phuket island to the mainland. I've explored north of Sarasin bridge, before, but this time I'm going to explore south along the coast. There is a rural road here, with lots of little side roads and I want to see what lurks here.

The short answer is piers!

The shot above is a pier across from Panak island. From here you can catch tour boats around the islands. As soon as I pulled up, a woman approached with a price list and photographs. A smaller long tail boat can get you a 4 hour cruise around the islands for around 3000 baht. Obviously priced for tourists, a smaller long tail boat will seat about 6 people.


But this isn't the only pier here, each little village has it's very own pier for fishing boats to land their catch. The first pier I encountered had a view across to Sarasin bridge and the sand was alive with crabs.

There must be some good fishing here!


Most of these streets end in rather frustrating little piers like this. You can't see the bay for the mangrove, or worse, little fishing huts build between the road and the sea! Great for the fishermen, but terrible for the explorer.

This is a nice place to spend some time, but if you're visiting here, I would plan to go on the boats to Panak Island, Hong Island or one of the other Andaman islands that lie just off this coast and make a full day of it!

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