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Thamma Park, Pagoda #4, Spikey


It's time! Last time, my visit to Thamma Park, Pagoda #3 was finished (aka 'Whitestar') and Pagoda #4 only needed some work on the steps. A ceremony was planned for 19th August that would mark the start of Pagoda 5, and I assumed the official end of Pagoda 4's steps!

Since this was an early morning event, I'd need to sleep nearby, so I chose a cheap resort and found a wonderful restaurant called Yolo.

Oh the rain! They'd be laying a concrete base for #5 today, in the afternoon, rain permitting, but I was there for the parade, the giving (tambone) and most importantly to climb Pagoda #4!

This one is one of the harder Pagodas to climb, the way up is still rough, with pipes and planks fixed to trees to stop you falling. Still. Baby Pang is an old hand at these, this is her second one, so she takes it in her stride.


My nickname for this one is 'spikey', because its a small central pagoda with a lot of spikes to it. So far #3 and #2 has been the most impressive pagodas, but this is certainly the highest with a view down onto #3.

The road has been improved now, you no longer drive up a winding dirt track, the parking is still mud and rocks. A lot of pickup trucks and 4x4s drove up and parked, but my little minivan had no problem parking. I was glad I'd put in the Bird View camera, the place filled up during the morning and it was tight to get out at noon.

The plan is 7 pagodas at Thamma park, number 5 is beginning, I hope they reach their target.

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