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Apsara Beachfront Resort, Khaolak


Last time I visited Khaolak, I found the perfect beach for the baby's first sand castle experience. It was in front of a resort called 'Apsara'. It looks expensive, lots of chefs walking around, lots of staff in uniforms, perfect location, lots of pools..... on the off change I pop in and ask the price. 1500 baht a night including breakfast in rainy season! A bargain! But only if I could find a sunny day to go.


Two days, 3000 baht, plastic bucket-and-spade from Big C, the weather forecast is good, the sun is out, time to drive up the coast and give my baby a decent the beach experience!

This is all about firsts, it will be her first sand castle experience. She's a beach veteran (duplex on the beach, where to eat in Rawai, her first pearls) , but never a sand castle veteran!

The best thing here are the pools, a good baby friendly pool, a larger pool with a slide and jacuzzi, lined with plants that make swimming almost dreamy.

At night live music, and if you pay extra a romantic private dinner in the beach itself. Light a lantern and float it out to the sky, enjoy a buffet dinner with private service. It looks very romantic and sweet, but at a cost, prices above 10,000! Eating at the restaurant is a far cheaper, with a large pizza in the 300-400 baht range.


They have pool villas, and jacuzzi villas here too, across a bridge on the other side of the river. These are larger, self contained mini houses, with their own pools or jacuzzi. Ideal if you want to swim at night, naked, with a drink in your hand, but a pricey extra. The jacuzzi villa was on discount, but it was still 8000+ baht a night! If money isn't a problem, there's plenty of upgrades possible here at Apsara, but I decided to stick to my budget. Enjoy the hotel on the cheap.


If you have a car, you can explore the nearby attractions of Khaolak, and if not, a tour desk and taxi desk are there, Thai massage is cheap enough at 400 baht/1 hour, and a bigger/pricier spa service if you prefer.

I took the car and explored all the dead end roads around here. If you have a little adventure, there is plenty to see here. Plenty of sights to see, you don't have to stick the the waterfalls, and turtles and mini golf.


The golf cart we took to visit the villas died. But for some reason it worked when I got off. I AM NOT FAT! Two workers helped push it up the hill, while the hotel receptionist kept apologizing, sorry sorry sorry,,,, I think this hotel is an eco hotel and prides itself on not wasting energy.... including human powered golf carts.

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