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Driving off a moving ferry! Koh Kho Khao


A ferry crossing to an unexplored island is an adventure. A ferry crossing full of trucks that drive on and off the ferry while it's still swinging around is a stunt-show!

Kho Khao island is a rural island off Khao-Lak, and it's quiet, with few resorts, most of which close during low season. I've been following dirt roads on the GPS, to see what's there, and this particular grey line across the water just needed to be followed.

A ferry? Lets do it!

300 baht return, 150 baht per car one way. The price sounds good, 5pm latest ferry, means there's enough time to cross and get back, and I have the baby's swimming aid in the car, so I don't worry about the life jackets.

Life jackets on boats are not suitable for children under 3 year old, there isn't a good solution for them, but I've found that a 3 year olds swim float, with some water wings, lets my baby float upright. It's only for a pool, but for safety I like her to wear it on boats anyway.


On the island, everything is closed for low season. Only a couple of the resorts are open, the ferry mostly carries island locals and builders trucks. The island is big, really really big. I'm hungry and follow the signs to the restaurants, and each one is closed!

Worse the resort it's part of has gone out of business.

This really is more for farmers and hermits than for tourists, but if you like a desolate empty private beach, I guess it's ideal.


We drove back to the ferry, where one restaurant was open and we ordered lunch. Then the ferry arrive, and lunch became takeaway. Then the ferry was about to leave and lunch became a mad dash with a takeaway to the ferry!

We'll eat at one of the beaches on the Khao Lak side.

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