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Khao Lak, Beaches and Adventures


So, I'm visiting Khao Lak, along the coast, in low season, the rainy season, because it's cheap, and empty of tourists and ...well... because it's there.

There's a lot of erosion along this coast, and the sand next to the hotels is all washed away. You only have a beach at low tide, and since each hotel has built private access to the sand, at other times the sea is high and you cannot walk along the shore.


A walk further North reveals beach bars and houses next to the sea, with heavy sea walls to protect them. A digger moves sand further up the beach, and piles of sand bags try to protect small sections of the beach. All futile. Nature will win.

This is not ideal, I search my GPS to see if it can find any nearby beaches and there is one, further South of Khao Lak town, a highly respected beach from the NOSTRE guidebook! I should have guessed from the lack of road markings that this was an out of date GPS location. The turnoff down a tiny road was narrow, and empty of cars, nobody goes here.

It isn't long before the GPS is trying to send my down a blocked off road, a gate closes off the section and behind the gate, an old destroyed house. It looks like the Tsunami wiped this beach away more than a decade ago.


I headed on, found another dead end, and a dirt road, headed down the dirt road, past fishing boats, along the shoreline. It's really rough for a little minivan, the trucks have high clearance, and clear the middle easily, my minivan scraped the rough grass in the middle of the road all the time. I told myself the car was getting a massage and kept on.

I found the beach. It's not well kept, there is litter here, but its a find! And the finding something is the adventure.

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