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Khao Lak, White Sand Beach and Apsara Resort


My quest to find a perfect beach in Khao lak, heads further North! So far in Khao Lak, I've been to down town Khao lak, and found the beaches have been washed away. I've followed my GPS and found a beach that long closed. Now I'm heading more North to see what I can find North of Khaolak.

Khaolak itself is really spread out along the coast, and covers a lot of little beaches. I find a turnoff saying "White Sand Beach", which sound perfect. Once I arrive, its not so perfect. A sign says in Thai, that's facilities are for customers only, and I quickly realize that White Sand Beach, is actually the name of a resort. Well I'm going for lunch and that makes me a customer, and I drive and park.


The food here is great, cheap, plenty of choice, and served at beach side tables next to the sea with a good selection of foreign and Thai dishes. I opt for Tom Kha Gai, Tom Yum Gung, some sitr fried vegetables, and for the baby, pork toast starters. Baby pang, sits in the sand next to the table and makes beach angels with her legs. She's really enjoying Khoalak.


Since it such a perfect place, I asked about the bungalows, and find they're cheap now, 800 baht for small, that sleeps 2 people, 1500 for large that sleeps 5. They're clean enough, big enough and functional enough, but I press on the bed, and its the ultra-hard mattress type I hate. I'll pass on staying, but I will visit again to eat and swim.

After a rest, and massage, we head south, and find what will be the perfect spot to make sand castles with the baby. A huge flat expanse of clean sand in front of an expensive looking resort. Apsara Beachfront Resort and Villa.

I go inside, in my swim suit, I can see groups of chefs walking around, staff all in uniform, and me in a swim suit! I ask how much a room is..... 1500 baht low season! That's amazingly cheap, I was expecting a lot higher. Better still, when I visit the room, and check the bed.... soft.

He tells me the price will go up later this month as low season ends, I hope to stay here if I can catch it during a sunny day on low season, and play on the sand outside with the baby.

The more I look in Khaolak, the more things I find, I will come back here.

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