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Not far from Phuket, just south along the coast, is Krabi. There's a cluster of tourist places around here, Ao Nang is a popular tourist beach, and Koh Hong is a short boat ride away, with it's large lagoon.

The big tourist things to here, Tiger Temple, Wat Tham Suea - the attraction isn't the temple, it's the hill with 1237 steps up to a pagoda and Buddha statue, and some spectacular views. This temple is an absolute must do, but its hard work. The beaches, are a draw and Phangna bay boat trips, there's a hot spring, hydrothermal pools you can sit in and take the salts, and the Emerald Pool, a green mineral natural pond for swimming in, with a blue pool and nature area nearby for viewing.

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Hot Thermal Pool, Emerald Pool, Krabi


South East of Krabi town, are popular hydrothermal pools. Here you can bathe in the naturally hot spring water, stuffed full of invigorating minerals. Well that's the claim, I went at Songkran, and the pools were packed with Thai people on holiday. It's better to visit at a less busy time, I think.
There's a nature area and places to eat, and toilets to change in, but you're ultimately sitting in green mineral hot water, I think it's better to visit a spa.

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Tiger Temple Krabi, Wat Tham Suea


This temple is misnamed, they call it the tiger temple, Wat Than Sua in Krabi, after the cave behind the Buddha, that once housed a tiger. But that really isn't the main attraction here, the real reason for coming here is to climb the steps up to the pagoda on the top of the hill, and admire the view.

Look down onto the temple, and below is a miniature toy town.

It's a challenge, one that's good for the spirit. There are 1237 steps to the top, but all steps are not equal. At the steepest point, the steps are so big, I am only 4 steps tall! In one place, the steps were too steep, and a new path has been carved to make it easier to climb. Thankfully, guard rails all the way up, make it a safe climb.

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Thanbok Khoranee National Park, Krabi


I originally wanted to go to Phang Nga national park. I found details of it, and they had a campsite, tents for rent and boat trips out to the islands, it sounded great. Sadly the telephone number didn't connect, so I took a chance, and headed up to visit in person.

When I arrived, no tents, only 8 bungalows, all full, and they have a pier but no boat trips, sending me out to the main pier to get one of the tourist boats.

Oh well, that's one to miss, I decided to head down the road to the next National Park: Thanbok Khoranee. As you drive south towards Krabi, you pass through a wall of rock, made up of limestone needles. It's very very impressive, and this has been made into a National Park.


The woman at the National Park entrance, did her best to dissuade me from the tents, and pushed me to the resort next door. She says the tents are for students, I take her advice and 550 baht gets me a basic hut with air-conditioning. Can I barbecue next to the hut? Yes, but no cooking inside.

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Thankbok Koranee Sea Caves & Phantom Drone Crash


So far I've had a morning in this national park, I've done the waterfall, explored the mountains with a drone, and done a recipe, which will make its way onto the food blog shortly.

But these park tickets are expensive, and I want to do the full thing! That means taking a boat or kayak out to the caves. I also wanted to do a drone flight in the lagoon. They told me the last person to do that crashed their drone, and they didn't recommend it. Why did their drone crash? I would learn why when I crashed my own in the exact same way!

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