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Temple on Hill, Ao Nang, Krabi


More exploring of Krabi! I decided to try to find a road route to Railay Beach. It's a famous Krabi beach you get to by boat, but it's not an island, and the locals beach hawkers get there somehow! There must be a road, but its not on the map.

Along the way, I noticed this temple on the hill. Time for baby Pang to have a new experience!


The middle stairs are very very steep, but there are two sets of stairs running either side that are far more gently. Step by step, I carry my baby up the steep steps pausing at each level to show her the view.

And what a view.


Krabi looks fantastic from up here, a sea of lush green jungle with mountains in the distance. At the top there is a Buddha statue, and a glass case with very very very realistic statues of old monks.


I help baby Pang hit the gong three times and waa to the monks. She won't remember this, she's too young, but perhaps she'll remember the 'sea of jungle'.

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