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Thanbok Khoranee National Park, Krabi


I originally wanted to go to Phang Nga national park. I found details of it, and they had a campsite, tents for rent and boat trips out to the islands, it sounded great. Sadly the telephone number didn't connect, so I took a chance, and headed up to visit in person.

When I arrived, no tents, only 8 bungalows, all full, and they have a pier but no boat trips, sending me out to the main pier to get one of the tourist boats.

Oh well, that's one to miss, I decided to head down the road to the next National Park: Thanbok Khoranee. As you drive south towards Krabi, you pass through a wall of rock, made up of limestone needles. It's very very impressive, and this has been made into a National Park.


The woman at the National Park entrance, did her best to dissuade me from the tents, and pushed me to the resort next door. She says the tents are for students, I take her advice and 550 baht gets me a basic hut with air-conditioning. Can I barbecue next to the hut? Yes, but no cooking inside.

This resort is just under the cliffs, at night you can see the stars and the cliffs looming over you. I flew the drone around to see the cliffs, the guard at the National Park said I couldn't have permission to fly over the park itself and so I had to land the drone and can't show you footage of the waterfall from the air. Frustrating!


I use my 'under water chicken' technique to cook a camping underwater pork stew from cheap cuts of pork and ribs. You can have your burnt meat BBQs but I want something a bit more healthy!


The next day its off to the waterfall, the entry price to the National Park is expensive. 60 baht for Thai and 300 (!) for tourists. This lets you also visit the other parts of the park, like the caves, but you need to take a kayak to see those, and you won't get much of a discount from the cost of your kayak.

I'd like to show you footage of the caves, and lagoons, but I crashed my drone into the sea on that trip, so it will have to wait till its repaired. Next time.

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