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Thankbok Koranee Sea Caves & Phantom Drone Crash


So far I've had a morning in this national park, I've done the waterfall, explored the mountains with a drone, and done a recipe, which will make its way onto the food blog shortly.

But these park tickets are expensive, and I want to do the full thing! That means taking a boat or kayak out to the caves. I also wanted to do a drone flight in the lagoon. They told me the last person to do that crashed their drone, and they didn't recommend it. Why did their drone crash? I would learn why when I crashed my own in the exact same way!


There are three main options and they all cost the same. Kayak by yourself under your own power. Nobody does this, you don't know where to go and its tiring! Kayak with a guide. The guide paddles, you enjoy. Or finally you can take a long-tail boat out. I was offered 500 baht a person, 400 baht a person if you already have the National Park entry ticket.

The best option is the kayak with guide, you can only see the outside of the these caves with the long-tail and can only go into one. In a kayak, it's small enough to get into the lagoon, and tides permitting Lodt cave.

We headed into the lagoon, and fired up the drone, no GPS. The lagoon is open at the top but there just isn't enough visible air to get a satellite fix. Of well, I'd have to fly it manually, but it will drift.

Up it went, and it drifted behind me. I couldn't see it to compensate for the drift. I couldn't turn around without capsizing the kayak and I couldn't get the guide to turn the kayak around quick enough! It was soon in the trees, and splashed down into the lagoon's salty water!

My guide tells me they can collect it at low tide, but not to tell anyone in the village about it in case someone else takes it. She's quite use to recovering crashed drones here! She knows the drill.

Tides dictate where you can go, as the tide rushes out, our kayak couldn't get into Lodt cave, the flow was too strong. But we did manage to catch the second cave with the cave paintings.

At 3:30 a few hours before low tide, we head out, and a boy goes clambering through the mud to the now-empty lagoon. My drone is in one piece, they tell me to rinse off the salt with water and it will be ok. I told you they know all about crashed drones here!

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