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Tiger Temple Krabi, Wat Tham Suea


This temple is misnamed, they call it the tiger temple, Wat Than Sua in Krabi, after the cave behind the Buddha, that once housed a tiger. But that really isn't the main attraction here, the real reason for coming here is to climb the steps up to the pagoda on the top of the hill, and admire the view.

Look down onto the temple, and below is a miniature toy town.

It's a challenge, one that's good for the spirit. There are 1237 steps to the top, but all steps are not equal. At the steepest point, the steps are so big, I am only 4 steps tall! In one place, the steps were too steep, and a new path has been carved to make it easier to climb. Thankfully, guard rails all the way up, make it a safe climb.


I quickly noticed the stairs have numbers painted on them, these are the steps you have climbed. 811 steps, only another 400, it gives you hope. A rest every few flights of steps is a must, and remember to take drinking water with you for the climb. From bottom to top and back down again took me 2 hours.


There are toilets on the way, but the water here is not for drinking. Thankfully, at the top, two filtered taps, filtering collected rainwater, were there. Good, I'd given my last bottle of water to a boy who'd forgotten to bring some and I needed water badly!


Once up at the top, a Buddha and Pagoda are there for worship, but the main draw here is the views. Spectacular views out to sea and across to the mountains. You feel like you've achieved something really difficult, until a small boy of around 6, walks up on his own feet, and his mother carrying an infant arrives. They didn't even break a sweat!

Below, look down and see the tiny little temple on the ground below.


Once you get back down, it's best to eat something, to let your shaky mountain legs get a break. There's placed to eat in the temple.

Perhaps then you feel like donating to the new temple they're building? At the entrance to the half finished concrete frame of a temple, is an adorned tree, covered in gold leaves. Inside you can buy and inscribe a golden tile, which will be placed on the roof. A large tile costs 1000 baht, a small one 500 baht. You get a memento of the visit too, a small Buddha image and an inscribed plate.

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