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Ban Khao Ta-Lu, 'Holey' Mountain


As I headed south, I noticed a turn off for Ban Khao Ta-Lu. In Thai this means like pierced or passed through. What ever could that be? A mountain pass perhaps? Something else?

There is one way to find out, a small detour. My GPS might keep telling me to turn around when possible, but I'll take the longer route to see what is here.


There's some amazing scenery, along this border area, rising cliffs next to the roads covered in dense jungle, but no sign off this mountain pass. Still, it makes a world of difference to drive through scenery like this, rather than on a motorway.


Ahh there it is, a hole piercing the mountain. Now that I've come this far, I might as well follow the mountain range round and see the hole on the other side. This proves to be more difficult, some houses and trees block the view, but eventually I find a way.


Wouldn't it be nice if you could thread this eye of a needle? Hike up to it, pass a thread through it, and collect it on the other side? Perhaps that's too energetic, I know this is a national park, but if you could run a cable car through it, out the other side, and make a jungle experience of it. A thing for people to enjoy, a reason to come out here and enjoy the scenery?

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