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Korat Mall: Terminal 21


Nakhon Ratchasima, better known as Korat in Isaan, has a Terminal 21! I was looking for a stopover on my way to visit family, and Korat seemed a natural stopover. But what to do during the evening? Something my baby can enjoy too?

Mega mall time!


As with Terminal 21 in Bangkok, the whole theme is airport travel. With sections for Paris, London, a giant Eiffel tower, London busses, Egyptian bazaars and Tokyo stalls.

They make shopping really fun, but here Terminal 21 takes it to a new level.

It's big claim to fame is the sky deck, a flight control tower with a viewing platform, that's the highest building in Korat. It's in keeping with the whole "Terminal 21" as airport theme, and adds a special excuse to visit Terminal 21.


An excellent view over the city, and down to the Kids zone, with ice-skating, a soft play area, and of course, the robots. These are laser tag robots, you shoot opponent robots to get a maximum score. I didn't figure this out till later, mostly we just drove around in them.


The food here is cheap and plentiful with excellent choice. I'm always blow away by how cheap food at the food court in Terminal 21 Bangkok is, here its even cheaper.

I take a big selection of food away to eat at the hotel. I'm glad I visited Korat, it's worth it just for this shopping mall alone!

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