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Nightlife in Udonthani

Udonthani is a city in the east of Thailand, it's where a lot of Thai girls married to farang come from. A poor farming community, or at least it was, with so many farang around and so much money in the area it's become quite a cosmopolitan place.
They've built new markets around the railway station and new nightlife places too. Lots of people have the money to go there.


Look at Oishi below, this is a premium restaurant chain, not cheap in any sense, and it had a long queue waiting to get in! I found the much cheaper 'all you can eat' Korean style barbecue shown in the video, it has live music, a large choice of buffet, charcoal grills, which I think are far better than electric, and only cost 129 baht per person. That's about US $4, or about 3 euros!
You select your food from the buffet area, grill it at your table, and eat it with a selection of spicy sauces. Of course drinks are extra, but even that wasn't particularly expensive, and when you consider they have a band playing too, incredible value for money is till to be found in Udonthani.
One thing though, don't take more to grill at your table than you can eat, you can go back many times, but if you leave any, you pay extra.


Once I was done eating, time to go look at the market, a lot of which is food too. The grilled octopus tenticles looked nice, as did the barbecued fish.


But I opted for a fruit ice. For these ices, you select the fruit you want, and they cover it with ice, and cream and fruit sauce. Sadly I was on antibiotics for an acne attack, and couldn't eat cream. These ices are not much fun when you can't eat nuts, can't eat cream, can't taste pretty much anything and all you can have is taro and ice!


There's a lot of street entertainment too, an elephant wanders around with a trainer, you pay for food for the elephant and he does a few tricks, most of which seem to be lifting up your skirt for the amusement of the trainer!


They're really made the place into a nice modern nightlife area. Bright colourful and pleasant to visit. Here's a fountain in among the restaurants, around which small stalls sell things like toilet paper dispensers shaped like dogs bottoms!


Look for this in Udonthani, the new nightlife area is near the railway station.

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