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Nong Khai, Mountain Temple


This famous temple is a staple on any visit to Nong Khai, in Northern Thailand. Only one slight thing, it's actually in Udonthani province not Nong Khai!

It's a very beautiful temple, perched on top of a hill with great views across the jungle. If you're visiting the Skywalk temple, this is only a bit further from Nong Khai.

Inside is a large marble reclining Budha and lots of impressive sculpture work. Outside are terraces with views across the jungle.


There is food available just below the temple, you can grab a meal while you're there, and naturally a gift shop. I got myself a cup and lid.


Better to group a visit to this temple, with other Nong Khai attractions, its a good two hours drive from Udonthani, even if it is in Udonthani province!

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