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Nong Khai Nightlife

Land is cheap in Nong Khai and everything is spread out. Nightlife too! Lots of nice places, but a journey to get from one to the next!

After a visit to Nong Khai Sculpture Park, we visited two places. A restaurant next to the Mekong river, called "Cafe de Hat Kham" and a night market, called Chic Chic.


There isn't a lot to see over the Mekong at night. The Laos side is silent and dark and very rural. This restaurant has chill out areas and swings next to the river, but with the baby, we couldn't sit there in case she wandered into the water.


The food though, is very nice, as is the atmosphere. Pleasant music, nice food, the sound of the river nearby. All good. They have farang food too, I tried a selection of their cakes, and had a glass of wine. But this is Nong Khai and you should eat Isaan food here!


Sour sausage, Vietnamese chicken sausage, Tom Yum soup, lots of good Thai food to eat here! Plenty for the baby to eat aswell. Together with a music backing to entertain.


Over at Chic Chic, this is a night market with a good selection of food, plenty of beer, and some interesting exhibits. They have the shell of a jetliner here, when I went you could climb up and see inside, but the next day they moved the stairs away, I think they didn't really want me to climb in!


Barbecued fish, again a choice of live music, snack food, entertainment, and helicopters, and planes to look at. This is fun.

There's plenty here.

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