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Nong Khai Rafting


A day spent on a lake, on a private rented raft. Eat, drink, swim, relax. The rafts are cheap, come equipped with life jackets, and some with a barbecue tray, decide on the raft you want, a boat will take your raft out to the middle of the lake, and you spend the day on a lake.

The rafts are cheap, a large raft cost is 1060 baht. Next to the rafts are food stalls selling plenty of food and drink. We ordered some grilled fish, and som-tam, for delivery later. We didn't need to wait, the raft owner came with us when we ordered, so they'd know who to deliver it too. Otherwise give them your phone number, or raft number, or simply take the food with you.


When you're ready, a long tail boat pushes you out to the middle of the lake and anchors you with a slab of concrete. Off he goes, if you need him again call the raft owner you booked with, perhaps you need the toilet, perhaps you want to go back early? No problem, just call.


(Video below)

There are a lot of rafts here, smaller ones can be rented by the hour, but for the costs, why not the whole day?

The baby loved this, she was a little scared at first, being so far out in the water, but plenty of people around here, plenty of floats, she quickly relaxed and enjoyed it. After a full meal and plenty of swimming, she slept like a log on the raft in the shade.

Some of these rafts have barbecue pits on them, but you have to bring your own charcoal and food to grill. Maybe next time. We were happy with the food we ordered, and I don't really want to mess around with a barbecue pit on a wooden raft.

These rafts are in a lake near Nong Khai, but technically the lake is in Udon Thani province.

See the map below for details.

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