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Nong Khai Sculpture Park


The last time I visited this park was almost twenty years ago with my dad. The circle of life statues are much more telling now that he's gone. But this place hasn't changed, it seems exactly as it was all those years ago.

Today is very hot, and lucky for me there are plenty of stalls selling hats to keep the sun off. You can easily spend two hours exploring this place and you'd be crispy and burnt by the end of it.


The little one, probably won't remember this place when she grows up. I'll show her the videos to remind her, she's done so many amazing things, too many for her little head to fit.

No matter, we can visit again in future.


Visiting the sculpture park by day, takes a couple of hours in the afternoon, leaving plenty of time to enjoy the nightlife and restaurants. Nong Khai gets pretty dark around 5:30pm, its one or the other, with barely ten minutes of evening time.

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