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Paradise Beach, Patong, Phuket


Phuket is a popular destination and the busy Phuket town for tourists is Patong city. Patong is bustling and the beach is crowded and full of vendors and beach chairs. But barely a kilometer away is a beautiful quiet beach with few hawkers to disturb you, a coral reef 100 metres out to sea, and where kayaks can be rented and sea shells collected.

It's called Paradise beach, and it's at the tip of the strip of land that forms the south side of Patong bay. On the other side of this strip, is a rocky beach which is too rough to swim in, but on the sheltered side, it's just perfect, sandy beaches, with big waves. The waves are smooth enough to enjoy, and staff are on hand to rescue you if you get too far out. At least I hope they will!


There's a few catches, firstly it's a paid beach. It costs 100 baht a person to stay on the beach, secondly, it's a rough road to get to it. Very very steep, thankfully it's not a dirt track, it is concrete, and a regular automatic rental car is sufficient to get you to this beach, but I did panic a few times as I reached the blind crest of each hill and wonder where the road went. This adds to the experience, the panic of driving over such steep twisty road makes the rest at the beach more relaxing.

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There is a bar service there, if you want drinks, snorkles, mask, kayaks, can all be rented and there is a boat trip back to Patong if the drive was too much for you.

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