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Thailands Stone Henge


Thailand has a Stone Henge, well kind'a. Chaiyaphum's tourist magazine shows many photographs of this place and so I just have to visit it!

I know what you're thinking, Stone Henge is a man made structure in Britain, and this is a natural rock formation, not man-made at all!

No no no! This is definitely man made, the proof is here:


See? Sticks hold up the rocks, and the pattern of sticks indicate the hand of ancient man. Now I'm no archeologist, but I think that's conclusive proof that this structure is man made! Why else would the sticks be there?


But is there more, you ask to this site than 3 rocks? Yes! Lots more! 5 rocks, that's two more. Some henges offer only 3, but this one cranks it all the way up to 5!

Getting the rocks nicely framed all in one photograph is quite impossible, there's always one obscured by another, so to see all 5, you'll have to visit it yourself.

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