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Underwater World Pattaya


I got the tickets for this aquarium as part of a hotel deal. For 10 baht extra I got two tickets. It was such a steal of a deal that I just had to go, expecting the aquarium to be worthless, given the price of the tickets. But no, this is a really good aquarium!

It has big long tunnels with plenty of large fish and sharks to see.


As soon as the baby spotted the sharks, she began her "baby shark dance", and naturally I had to sing along!

There's some nice touches here, a carp feeding pond, where you bottle feed carp with a special liquid. That's something I haven't done before.

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Kaan Show


The Kaan Show reminds me of the Himmapan Show, which is sadly now closed. It's a live action and video mixed show. Full of giant robots fighting and manta rays swimming.


It's in its second year, and the place was packed with Chinese tourists, so its doing well. They recommend children under 3 don't go, because it's scary. Indeed the tickets I bought said children under 3 would not be allowed into the arena, but this isn't true. I contacted the show management and they confirmed it's only an advisory, not a rule.

The baby loved it, she's seen many shows and knows it not real, she can tell the difference between a giant mechanical crocodile and a real animal!


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Nong Nooch, Pattaya


Like many two years old, baby Pang is addicted to Peppa Pig, and knows how to say "Rawwhhh.... Dine-o-Saur". Lucky for me, Nong Nooch orchid farm has added a dinosaur park, so its time to take her to see Nong Nooch!

I've been here a few times before, it's a large garden with lots to see and lots of statues and themes, and an elephant and crocodile show. Except its all changed since I was here. Gone are the crocodiles, the elephants are still here, but now Nong Nooch has car shows and boulder canyons and ornate temple gardens and fish feeding and a full stage show.

You pay extra for the stage show, and its worth it, after the stage show exit and see the elephant show. As before elephant darts, painting, football are all still there.

You can ride an elephant around the gardens too. I see many people concerned that they're exploiting the elephant by riding them. But the elephants are looked after, have a vet, and are well fed exactly because they are useful working animals.


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Ramayana Water Park Pattaya


I've wanted to visit this park for quite a while. The baby is old enough and confident enough in the water to go, but the new waterpark in Phuket (BlueTree Water Park) isn't fully open yet.

I'm going to make a whole weekend of it, including a visit to Nong Nooch, catch the evening Kaan show, and even some surprisingly good things like an aquarium I wasn't expecting to do.

I enjoyed Ramayana a lot, but it has an annoying problem.

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