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Ramayana Water Park Pattaya


I've wanted to visit this park for quite a while. The baby is old enough and confident enough in the water to go, but the new waterpark in Phuket (BlueTree Water Park) isn't fully open yet.

I'm going to make a whole weekend of it, including a visit to Nong Nooch, catch the evening Kaan show, and even some surprisingly good things like an aquarium I wasn't expecting to do.

I enjoyed Ramayana a lot, but it has an annoying problem.

A lot of the larger slides require minimum 100kg and two people. If you're alone you cannot take the slide, if you're a family with small children, even the parents cannot take the slides because who would look after the children?!


What's left are two large slides, the wave and foam pools, and the children's play areas. I asked a couple if I could join them, but the said no, and I waited at the top of the slide before giving up. Oh well, I guess I'll wait till the baby is old enough to take care of herself. At 100kg, she would have to be heavier than me, even to go together with her mum!


Ramayana water park is next door to laser Buddha, and next to a winery. There is a lot to do here in this park of Pattaya, including two other water parks! But I'll leave these till the baby grows a bit.

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