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Underwater World Pattaya


I got the tickets for this aquarium as part of a hotel deal. For 10 baht extra I got two tickets. It was such a steal of a deal that I just had to go, expecting the aquarium to be worthless, given the price of the tickets. But no, this is a really good aquarium!

It has big long tunnels with plenty of large fish and sharks to see.


As soon as the baby spotted the sharks, she began her "baby shark dance", and naturally I had to sing along!

There's some nice touches here, a carp feeding pond, where you bottle feed carp with a special liquid. That's something I haven't done before.

There's even an upside down tank, you can put your hands in the water at the bottom if you want to touch the fish. The tank is sealed, so the water doesn't run out. I've never seen that at an aquarium before.

Impressive. Even paying full price I'd have been happy to see this.

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