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Hotels Phi Phi Don


There are plenty of choices for hotels in Phi Phi Don, on the north beach the hotels are near the noisy nightlife, and the south beach you are nearer boats, and kayaks. On the outlying beaches its more tranquil and relaxed.


I chose the Bay View Resort, its was far enough away from the town to be quiet, on the hill for a view of the Bay (hence the name!), good enough to be Air approved, and cheap enough to be Appon approved!

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Phi Phi Don, Island Trips


When people talk about Ko Phi Phi, they usually mean Phi Phi Lei, the smaller island that features in the movie, 'The Beach'. But that's a national park, and if you want to stay their, you can sleep overnight in boats that moor in the bay.

North is another island, Phi Phi Don, and this is where the hotels, nightlife, dining, and entertainment are! This is the place to stay if you want to explore the islands in detail.


I've done day trips before to Phi Phi Lei, but its always rushed, and busy and not much fun. I decided to take things a bit slower and spend 4 days, 3 nights here. As ever, I'm booking through a friend at Indo Thai Tours, so I can ask her advice.

First day is orientation day, explore the island, find what tours are available and get the lay of the land. Quite literally! I decided to head up to the viewpoint on the hill and get the lay of the land!

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Phi Phi Don, Glass Blowing


When you wander the streets of Phi Phi don, be sure to look out for the glass ornaments shop. These are not bulk made Chinese imports you see on the high-streets of Europe, these are individually made glass ornaments.


He makes lot of glass reef fish, the kind you'll see when snorkeling around Phi Phi, so its a very appropriate gift to remember Ko Phi Phi.

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Phi Phi Private Boat Trip


The big trip for Phi Phi Don is the boat trips around the smaller islands. You can go with a tour group, but then you'll be on a fixed schedule and rushed from place to place. I hired a long-tail boat instead and did a full day private tour. It's better that way, paying the extra (around 3000 baht a boat) gets a schedule fitted to you. If you want to spend longer at some places, you can, and move on when you're ready.

Boats are equipped with snorkels and life jackets, so you don't need your own equipment.

If you want a more scheduled package, our friends over at Indo Thai Tours have a range of Ko Phi Phi trips available.


The long tail boat captain took us off to Phi Phi Lei, to kick off with. This is the most overrated of the Phi Phi islands! As we approached a line of speedboats from Phuket direction headed to Maya Bay for the day.

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Nightlife at Phi Phi Don Island


What is Phi Phi Don like during the night? If you visit Phi Phi by day trip, then you don't care, but if you're staying here, its nice to get out, at least to eat if not to party!

There's plenty to do during the day, with the views and the snorkeling, diving and the same is true at night.


Their big thing is fire dancing shows, dancers swing fire around to create spectacular flame trails for your enjoyment. Lots of the bars have them, they're on all the main beaches. If you take a camera with a long exposure then you can capture some pretty fantastic dances, but some, like the hearts....well see the video below to get a feel for it in reality!

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Phi Phi Don by Kayak


I wanted to stretch myself and kayak around Phi Phi, exploring the tiny beaches along the coast. Get away from the tour boats. The last time I kayaks was to Monkey Island off Sam Roi Yot, and paddling a couple of kilometers isn't really that hard.


You see things you wouldn't normally see from the boat. The fish don't mind a kayak, you can get closer to them, and I even spotted a wreck. The divers have their wreck sites to explore, and us Kayak folk have our own!

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Cliff Jumping and Plankton Trip, Phi Phi


You could visit the Phi Phi islands by day trip boat to see Maya Bay and go Snorkling, and you could enjoy the night life in Phuket instead of Phi Phi Don's nightlife.

So what is there in Phi Phi Don, than you can only do if you stay overnight?
The answer is the night plankton trip.


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