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Phi Phi Don, Island Trips


When people talk about Ko Phi Phi, they usually mean Phi Phi Lei, the smaller island that features in the movie, 'The Beach'. But that's a national park, and if you want to stay their, you can sleep overnight in boats that moor in the bay.

North is another island, Phi Phi Don, and this is where the hotels, nightlife, dining, and entertainment are! This is the place to stay if you want to explore the islands in detail.


I've done day trips before to Phi Phi Lei, but its always rushed, and busy and not much fun. I decided to take things a bit slower and spend 4 days, 3 nights here. As ever, I'm booking through a friend at Indo Thai Tours, so I can ask her advice.

First day is orientation day, explore the island, find what tours are available and get the lay of the land. Quite literally! I decided to head up to the viewpoint on the hill and get the lay of the land!

It's quite a climb, but thankfully, there are many viewpoints, 1,2,3,4... and you can turn back after each. The final walk through the jungle is 3.5km. I headed down the wrong path and came out at a quiet beach resort in the north of the island.


This is not like Coconut Island, which will happily sell you a boat ticket on the hotel boat service, instead I had to pay a long tail boat to take me back to the main pier. Usual price 1000 baht! I got it discounted to 700 baht, but its still a very high price for a short trip!

Better to pay than go back through mosquito jungle again.

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