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Afternoon Tea at The Garden, Phuket


"The Garden", is a failed mall near Talang. It opened with a big sign "Luxury Brands", I drove past it many times, never sure what it sold, but confident that whatever it sold, it would be expensive. It didn't get many visitors. Rich people shop in Bangkok, and relax in Phuket. They're not looking for some vague mall selling some vague branded goods!

It's been reopened as a jewelry museum. There are lots of these museums in Phuket, two in Talang alone! The huge one next to monument has many tour buses going in, full of Chinese tourists. The reason it's popular is, the people who sell the package tours in China, also own the jewelry museum! Tourists visit to the 'jewelry museum' as part of their tour package, and the museum is really about selling them jewelry, This museum, doesn't have that advantage, but it does do very very nice afternoon tea and scones.


I decided to do an afternoon tea here, taste the scones I'd been recommended, and try some other treats. At home I eat Thai, eating out I want something different, and that's why there's been so many treat farang restaurants lately. So why not go the whole way and just eat cake?


A large slice of carrot cake to start with, faultlessly executed by this restaurant, complete with chopped walnuts on the top. Followed by an apple crumble, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. And how can I pass up on their cheesecake?


I visited the museum too, and can't really recommend it, it's too small and overpriced, but come for the afternoon tea and cakes. The cafe inside is called PiƱana, its on the ground floor at the left as you enter. With that name it should sell tapas not coffee and cakes!

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