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Andaman Viewpoint Phang-na


Not far from the Phangna side of the Sarasin Bridge that connects Phang-na to Phuket Island, is the Andaman Viewpoint. It's a crane lift, on a hill, with a viewing gondola, for 40 Baht it lifts you up into the sky for a good look over the land and across into the Andaman sea.


You can look down, it's high, but you feel secure. Perhaps a little too secure, wouldn't it be better if you stood on a wire mesh and could look down below your feet? Or even clear glass to really get the heart racing!


There's more to see here and do just look out to sea, there's a shooting range with air-guns and shotguns to try out, and the food there was just excellent, proper coconut cream in their Tom Kha Gai. I ordered the food before ascending, and it was ready when I came back down.


This viewpoint is open at weekends and on public holidays only. I see they're building a pool to, so by the time you visit, perhaps that will be open. There was quite a few people there, and I can see how this is a popular short trip.

On the map below, look for it on the north side of the Sarasin Bridge on the mainland north of Phuket.

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