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Ao Yon Beach, My New Favorite Phuket Bay


This south side of Phuket is well traveled. Plenty of tourists have been here, and I didn't really expect to find anything good here, well apart from all the tourist things, anything different, undiscovered, Appony.

But exploring the bays along this side of the coast, I found my new favorite beach. Ao Yon, and the beach next door around the headland.

The smell of barbecued meat and shrimp fills the air. There's game fishing here too, if you want to try your hand, there's an English speaking bar on the beach with a sideline in boat charters. Visit their website Phuket Game Fishing for details. That looks fun, and I'd love to try it some day, but for me the attraction is to scamper across a bridge onto the rocks, around the headland and find a beach with some of the luckiest residents on Phuket.

There's no clear road onto this beach, I tried to find one, without success. But it's easy to get to from Ao Yon, and the view back along Ao Yon shows why I like this place so much.


You can see just how unspoiled this beach is, and yet Chalong bay is just next door, one of the busiest piers in Phuket. Kayaking children play in a peaceful calm bay of soft smooth sand.

Not far from here, I found one of my least favorite bays in Phuket: Makham bay. So much potential, an island across the bay just waiting to be explored. But a large Crown Plaza Hotel dominates the beach, and scruffy housing runs down the side.


It's not such a clean beach either, an oil terminal at the end of the beach might be the problem. I talked to the beach sellers, to rent a boat to visit the island just across the bay is 1200 baht! I could paddle out to that island its so close, that's ridiculous. Expensive, unkept and unloved.


I like the pebbles though, small pebbles and tiny spiral shells, but they aren't enough of a draw for this bay. At the north end, unsold luxury houses await their buyers, the grass overgrowing the drained pools. Such a waste.


I think you could buy those houses at a knockdown price, but there are better options for Phuket. Not far from here is a group on condos, with a view over this bay, and a price tag of $30k.

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