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Aphrodite Cabaret Phuket


There are a couple of famous Katoey Cabaret shows in Phuket, Simon Cabaret is the oldest and their big show is based in Patong near the tourist resorts, the second and newer one is Aphrodite, based in the middle of the island not far from Central Festival mall.

A katoey is a ladyboy, either a transvestite or transsexual male. They're more lady than real ladies! The legs are more slender, the features more perfect, no cellulite, taller, more predatory. I dressed up for the evening to compete but felt a bit frumpy by comparison.

A friend of mine, a hotel receptionist, explained that the identity cards of a Katoey still show their male names. So they may be called Orchid or Bird or Lily, but their id card calls them Mr Somchai or Mr Suthep! Even if they've had the operation, their male names on the id card are a giveaway.

When a ladyboy comes with a one-night stand to check into the hotel, she reads their name on their id card, and she knows that the voice is a giveaway, so she tells them in Thai not to speak and sends them off to their room.

She said that modern cards even have the English name too. But perhaps it's better not to look. If your date for the evening is a sexy woman, what does it matter whether she's had plastic surgery on her boobs, or on his penis?!


I really enjoyed this show, the Katoeys do a very glamorous show, with very sexy and feminine costumes, some comedy but best of all the skimpy costumes part. Part of the fascination of these shows is skimpy costumes. Has she had the operation? Or is it tucked away? Will it pop out at any moment? Yes it sounds silly, but it's fascinating!

Your brain tell you these are men, but your eyes tell you these are sexy women! This show is worth the money, and a great evening's entertainment. It's not family friendly, but it is fun!

After the show, you can pose with the stars (please remember to tip generously), take your camera and get your photo taken with them. I chose the most manly ladyboys in the troupe to have my photo taken. I'm not competing with the most beautiful! I haven't got a chance against them!

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