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Aquaria, Phuket


She's spoiled I know. She's only two, and this is her third aquarium! It would be her forth but Nausicaa in France had no parking available.

This one is Aquaria, a newly opened aquarium at Central Floresta Mall in central Phuket. This one is expensive! 480 baht for Thai people, more expensive for foreigners. There's also a trick-eye museum at the end you can get a two-for-one price for, that makes it a bit less expensive. If you have a Thai driving license they will let you have the Thai price, so expats should be OK.


Despite aquariums being an every day thing to her, she still got excited by all the fish here. She even recognized the turtles, because she's released one into the sea!

They even have a petting pool for you to touch star fish and sea slugs. She's never done that before, another first for her.

The reptiles and snakes are upstairs, geckos and beetles, the stuff of our garden and house! But the snake was another new thing for her. She's wasn't totally afraid of it, but she wasn't happy touching it either.

She was far happier with the luxury icecreams and cakes on sticks they have. I was far less happy with their price. 150 baht for an icecream, even a luxury one is a bit steep!


Aquaria is in the basement of Central Floresta mall, in the center of Phuket island. See the map below for details.

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