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Bang Pae Waterfall, Paklok, Phuket


Mirri is visiting, and so of course we have to go get wet in a waterfall! It's also baby Pang's first time in a waterfall, so she has to get use to the rushing water. As ever with my baby, she's a little frightened at first, but quickly settles into it.


Bang Pae waterfall is in the North East corner of Phuket, and on the way we noticed the quad bike track. You getting playing on quad bikes, so of course you have to wash it off by getting into a waterfall!

We stick to swimming further down the waterfall, where the water isn't so fast. Slow enough for the baby to enjoy, while still giving us a natural jacuzzi like massage.

Bang Pad has toilets and showers for cleaning up afterwards, but we head home. This has been a fun morning.

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