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Bang Pat, Sells Seafood, Near the Sea Shore


So you've visited Phang-na, you've seen the caves and the viewpoints and you fancy a meal next to the sea. Where to go?

Perhaps a seafood meal in-keeping with your location? Somewhere rural and Thai, with a high volume of sales to discerning Thai consumers, so you can be sure its cheap and tasty?!

Well one decent place to go is Bang Pat, a small village across a bridge from Bang Ling, a tiny strip of sandy beach. Drive down from the 415, the main Phuket to Phang-na highway, and if you can find the entrance to the 3008 road, well done, that's half the work right there! It's hidden by houses and easy to miss! Along the way, those ponds you see are shrimp farms with their distinctive paddles to aerate the water.


Across the bridge you'll find a fine selection of seafood restaurants, all serving good cheap no-nonsense seafood. We settled for one near the south of the village, 250 baht a head for 7 dishes. Clams in curry, tom-yum-squid, shrimp, crab, fried fish in spicy sauce, plenty of rice, plenty of delicious.


A few stalls are there to sell you typical fishing village fair, including a selection of dried squid, seaweed and fish to take home and try. There's also a home stay, Thailand's version of a bed & breakfast, a place to sleep for the night in a modest home-hotel.


This is local color, without many tourists spoiling it yet, and with villages like this, you know the fish were caught locally and are fresh.

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