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Big Bee Farm Phuket


Today I'm visiting Big Bee Farm, to see the bees and buy some honey.

There are a few shops like this in Phuket. They're themed as a farm, or a factory, but they're more gift shop with farm attached, than farm with gift shop attached! Nevertheless, they're free to visit and so it's like shopping with a little show. I've covered Sri Supphaluck Cashew 'Factory' before, that one was cashew nut themed, as you can imagine, this one is bee products themed.

Royal Jelly, Propolis and of course the most important thing, honey!

They give you a quick free show of a hive, the bees don't bite, as long as they get sprayed with water they're calm, they think its raining and so better not fly.


I came here with one thing in mind, and that was honey with proper chunk of honey comb in it. I know a lot of people don't like the comb, but it adds texture. They also do a very nice honey and yoghurt ice-cream here, and the flavored honeys are pleasant enough.


Further along the same road is the Methee Cashew Nut Factory, one of the cashew nut themed shops that offers you everything cashew related. You know they have a honey roasted cashew nuts that I haven't done as a recipe yet, maybe I'll do that with this honey I've bought.
There are a few similar themed shops all along the streets here, Thai silk and Andaman pearl jewelry shops are not far.

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