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Boat Avenue, Cut (above the rest)


Yet again I'm exploring the restaurants around the Boat Avenue area in Phuket. This time it's 'Cut Grill and Lounge'. I've seen the signs next to Villa Market, but never seen this restaurant. If it's so difficult to get to, it must have no customers, and if it has no customers, it must be terrible, right? Nothing could be further from the truth, this is a superb restaurant, one of the best in Phuket.

It's next door to 23 Restaurant, but they might as well be worlds apart. While 23 needs to work on their menu and find their signature dishes and food style, 'Cut' has their signature dishes all worked out and perfected.


They're not the most inventive of dishes.... dark chocolate lava cake... panna cotta.... but there is one signature dish that you really need to try: "Sticky Toffee Cookie", shown at the top, it's cookie dough with toffee, cold vanilla ice-cream and creamy toffee sauce. It's hot, it's cold, it's crunchy, it's gooey, its absolutely delicious. This is a real must-try, a dish at the level of "lava cake" in my view.

It's also the reason my baby hates my husband.


He spoon fed me some of the dessert while I was carrying her. She could smell the toffee and caramel, but he didn't spoon feed her any. Jealousy! She's only 2 months old and not allowed anything but baby milk, she doesn't understand why he didn't let her have a taste too. The next time she saw him, her face scrunched up into a big frown and a loud cry. As soon as he disappeared from her view, she smiled again. He came back, the frown came back. It took a full day for her to forget, and forgive!


I mentioned the ribs at 23 Restaurant next door didn't have the meat falling off the bone like ribs should. Cut has no such problem, their signature Lamb Shank cooked for 12 hours, falls apart into a rich dark meat sauce. Again faultless.

I tried their Risotto with Parmesan and Truffle, bags of flavor. It doesn't look the greatest dish, all brown, and I wish it has a slice of meat on the top, but still, you cannot fault the flavor. I'm trying to reduce my carbs, and this restaurant is definitely not helping!


Fancy a Tiramisu? Cut has their own style version. Again faultless execution.

The meal worked out at 1600 baht/head including drinks. For food at this standard, that's great value. The restaurant is next to the lake at Laguna, well styled, and perfect for a date night. The staff were helpful and the whole restaurant was baby friendly. Babies though will struggle here, there is a lot of smells from the grill, and you can see the baby tasting the air with her tongue. She wouldn't drink the baby milk, and kept tasting her fingers to try to get the flavors.


I'll definitely come back here. It's a great find and there are plenty more dishes I want to try.

Boat Avenue (a sort of open air shopping place), next to Laguna is in the middle of Phuket's west coast. Once you've found Boat Avenue, inside you'll find Villa market. Behind there is a car park with a small road to Cut Grill and Lounge. It's not the easiest place to find, but it has plenty of repeat customers and is well worth the effort. There was plenty of room, and a reservation wasn't necessary.

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