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Boat Avenue Phuket, Kebabs, Gyros...


Some more exploring of the restaurants around the Boat Avenue area, next to Laguna. This time I'm trying the Kebab House, a East Mediterranean cuisine. Gyros, Shish-Kebabs, Falafel, Toubbouleh. Unlike 23 Restaurant, this one has really found is niche and concentrated on it, delivering exactly what you expect from a Kebab House.


The quality is there too, toubbouleh made with couscous, more western than Lebanese, the falafel was definitely made with chick peas, gyros served with a fries, and a good kick of spice to flavor the whole meal.

It's quite rare to find authentic kebabs in Thailand, but this group of restaurants in Boat Avenue are aimed at tourists in the nearby Laguna complex, and for the most part they offer about as authentic a meal and you can make, Kebab House included.


It's among a group of little open air stalls in Boat Avenue, next to the a pizza and a burgers restaurant. I'm going to try a few of these places now. They're open-air, and since my baby has had some major vaccinations, particularly the tetanus one, I'm more confident taking her outdoors.


The staff are friendly too, and put a fan on the stroller to keep the baby cool and blow away and mosquitoes there might be.

So far this area with all its restaurants has been very very nice.

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