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Boat Balloons Phuket


Perhaps I didn't convince you that a luxury yacht wasn't the best way to spend your money having fun on the water? Well how about this? I found a pond, known as Boat Plaza in the middle oh Phuket, and they have the floating balloon boats to play in!

You climb inside and paddle like a hamster in a hamster wheel, the balloon turns and moves across the water. In theory this should work, but in practice, it seems to always go in the other direction. I think it was because my weight was leaning on the front, and pushed the balloon boat backwards instead of forwards. It took a while to get the hang of it.

This is fun, and for 100 baht, it's a lot better value than the luxury yacht. Watch the video below to see the worlds most inept hamster!

They have the spherical balloons too. For the full-on hamster-in-a-ball experience. But I was exhausted and ready to return to my cage to curl up into a ball.

Open from 10am till 7pm daily. See the map below for location, it's not currently shown on the satellite photographs, but I promise you, there's a whole town right there where the photograph shows nothing but a pond!

The balloon boat place is a small kiosk where I've marked it on the map. They speak a little English, the price is 100 baht for Thai's and a little more for tourists, but I think you can talk him down to 100!

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