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Dairy Hut Farm, Phang-na


This is a small petting zoo on the Phangna road. We Thai's have a thing about sheep, many places across Thailand feature sheep farms for you to visit and enjoy the sheep! If you've never seen a sheep before they're fascinating, and Thai's don't normally see sheep, so they're enthralling, we don't eat mutton or lamb, and a wooley animal is a novelty.

While its great that Thai children can see sheep, its not so great for the sheep! The heat is a bit much for them, and they spend most of their time lying around dozing in the shade.


Alongside the sheep, Llamas and Wallabys that look like giant rats, and baby cows, all can be fed for a small fee. Fish to feed in a pond, and of course, the view of Phang-na to see in the background.


This is really a short visit for small children, there's a number of similar mini-trip items here in Phang-na, you could add this as a stop-over to break a road trip.

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