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Dim Sum Restaurant Phuket Town


There's a popular dim-sum cafe, in Phuket Town, not far from the market, in the South East of Phuket island. It's a scruffy run down place, but packed out each morning with Thai people who go for the delicious dim-sum. It opens at 5am, and has sold out by 10am, so if you're not early you won't get much choice, and after 10am they close to make the next days batch.


I saw on the list on the wall they had taro puffs. I've tried making these for my recipe blog, but they tend to explode on me, spitting oil everywhere and so I've never covered that recipe. Sadly it was 9am and they had sold out, my bad luck streak with taro puffs continues.
If you're visiting the market in Phuket town, then it's better to eat first, so you don't miss out!


Just as the Spanish have their tapas bars, Thailand has its dim-sum cafes. Just like in Spain, where you can point at the dishes you want, you are offered a choice of dim-sum and can simply point at dishes to order them. Each dish comes on a little metal plate, the size of the plate is how they price them. Stack your plates by size, the prices range from 10, 12, 15, 20 baht, with a few steamed fish dishes for 25 baht. It's not expensive.

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