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Dinosaur Mini-Golf & Movenpick Resort, Karon, Phuket


There must be mini-golf in Phuket, I thought. I haven't done any, but there absolutely must be! A short search later and I found plenty of mini-golf courses in Phuket including a 'dinosaur' themed one near Karon beach in the south west of the island.

I might as well make a full holiday out of it. This is low season, it rains a lot and you cannot make plans more than a day ahead because of the weather. But since I ive in Phuket, I can simply see the forecast for the day, book a hotel that evening, and off I go.


The hotel I chose was the Movenpick Resort & Spa, it is next to Karon beach so I can take the baby out for a swim. Well that was the plan, but the sea was rough, and so we took her to the pool instead.

This is a really nice 5 star hotel, that's normally a lot more expensive. The staff were really nice, upgrading us to a private bungaloe for free.


That wasn't the only perk, the receptionist took a shine to the toddler and wanted to do something for her. "Was it her birthday month?" she asked. "no, but if you want to do something for her, we wouldn't mind". Later that day a "happy birthday" chocolate cake arrived.


One of the other reasons for staying in a hotel is, you can eat a nice meal drink too much wine and beer because you don't have to drive. No designated driver is needed because no driving is needed!

Movenpick had a selection of restaurants, I quickly found out that they are all integrated, I can order a steak from one, an Indian meal from another and Thai at a third, and sit in any of the restaurants, and they'll deliver the food to the table. If you have a fussy eater in your party, you don't need to pick and choose what you're all going to eat.

So how was the mini-golf? Honestly not much fun. Sure there are dinosaurs, but the golf course itself has no imagination and it was pricey for what it was. The high point of this holiday was the hotel.

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