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Don't Forget Your Trowel, Patong, Phuket


(This was 2012, don't forget to attend this years commemoration tonight at Patong Beach, Phuket, at the north end).

It's Boxing day, and I'm off to Patong Beach in Phuket. The most touristy part of Phuket, with a busy night life, restaurants, and a lot of activities at the beach.
For this I will need some candles, a trowel, and some matches. The candle I can get at the beach, but without the trowel I would have to dig with my own hands and that would be silly. You can't go to Patong on Boxing day without a trowel!

Don't forget your trowel.

Boxing day is Tsunami day, in 2004 the Tsunami hit Phuket, and took a lot of people with it. Phuket organises a Buddhist & Christ religious ceremony in the North of the island, and here in Patong Beach, a ceremony is held for foreigners to join in.

It's after dark, at the north of the beach, every year, Boxing day, December 26th, at around 7pm. They have candles on the beach for you. But it's nice to have a trowel to dig a hole for your candle, otherwise your scraping out sand with your hands. Do go, you would be welcome.

Light up Phuket 2013
This years 'light up Phuket' festival in Patong featured some traditional Thai music, traditional Thai dancing, and traditional Thai officials droning on for far too long! Thankfully there was some entries to a picture competition to see, while they talked.


In the picture competition, I thought year 9 would make an excellent desktop wallpaper. Click and save the link below to see the wonderful texture, color and detail of this entry.


See what I mean? I've cropped it quite a bit, but its a canvas filled with joy and smiles.

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