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Bird Egg Islands Phuket (Khai Nui, Khai Nok, Khai Nai)


These three little islands are a day trip out from Phuket, and they're not such much islands, as sand banks nears rocks! Sandbanks absolutely covered with tourist beach umbrellas and stalls.


The full day trip wasn't expensive, I got it heavily discounted to 1000 baht a head including a meal, so I decided to enjoy a day out and use by snorkeling gear to see some fish. Might as well take the sea scooter with me.


The trip starts at 9:30am at Koh Siri, in a pier on the Phuket side, look for the Khai Island Travel sign as the pier is very small and easy to miss. Parking is difficult and limited, if you pay extra and get a full tour, a tour bus collects you and that's a better option.

Snorkels and masks are available, and life jackets are supplied.


The trip starts out at Khai Nai Island, for a bit of swimming and a buffet for lunch. I placed my shoes on what was one of the few dry sandy places, only to see the tide come in a cover it. Every bit of beach is covered with a wooden shack here, at high tide the sea passes under the buffet restaurant and splashes the outer chairs with sea-spray.


Next Khai Nui, the boat anchors so you can see the fish for 20 minutes, its long enough, you'll be in the water all the time, there's no beach to rest on, so this is a quick stop.

And finally Khai Nok, which was the most fun. Plenty of fish swim around your feet, and the sea scooter became a sea-bus as friends grabbed my feet and were towed around the water.

This trip is fun, but there are better island trips in Phuket. The Phangna Island caves are the main trip. A trip Racha island offers clearer water and more sand.

But if you've done those, then Bird Egg (Khai Nok) Islands are an option. To book look for the brochures at any tourist resort in Phuket, or call Khai Island Travel 076-214673.

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